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The American Heartworm Society is the leading resource on heartworm disease, and our mission is to lead the veterinary profession and the public in the understanding of this serious disease. Every year, hundreds of stories are written on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heartworm, as well as on the plight of affected pets. These stories are an important way of reaching both veterinary professionals and pet owners with information they need to know about heartworm disease.

The American Heartworm Society is led by a board of directors comprised of veterinarians and specialists in the fields of veterinary parasitology and internalmedicine. As leaders in the fight against heartworm disease, they are available as resources and authors of related stories.

Members of the media are encouraged to contact the American Heartworm Society for information, visuals and interviews about heartworm disease. Please contact Sue O’Brien at [email protected] or call 319-231-6129. All other inquiries, please email: [email protected]



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Heartworm Prevention Always in Season Says American Heartworm Society

(Appeared on BusinessWire)

The American Heartworm Society reminds pet owners to stay in the heartworm-prevention habit, no matter what the season. Contrary to what owners may think, heartworm disease is a year-round threat.

American Heartworm Society issues revised guidelines

(Appeared at DVM360.com)

An increased emphasis on the importance of heartworm prevention, as well as new scientific information about heartworm resistance, testing and treatment, have prompted the American Heartworm Society (AHS) to revise its guidelines for dogs and cats. The updates to the guidelines were announced during the AHS’s half-day symposium at the North American Veterinary Conference earlier this week.

Heartworm Preventive Resistance: Is it Possible?

In certain areas of the United States, most notably the Mississippi Delta region, an inordinate number of dogs have become infected with heartworms while reportedly taking preventive medication. Practitioners diagnosing these unexpected heartworm infections have begun to question the effectiveness of macrocyclic lactones.

Prevent Heartworms in Pets Year-Round

The FDA joins the American Heartworm Society in recommending that all dogs and cats, including indoor pets, be placed on year-round heartworm preventatives.

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Early Mosquito Season, Unprotected Pets Produce Perfect Storm for Heartworm Disease

Disease potential increases with mild winter and early spring.

Heartworm Society Addresses Common Questions During American Heart Month Guidelines

Released from the American Heartworm Society Urge Year-Round Prevention

AHS Revises Heartworm Prevention Guidelines, Launches ‘Think 12’ Campaign

Veterinary professionals can tap online resources to remind and educate clients about the value of heartworm prevention.

New Survey Finds Heartworm Infection Nationwide

Veterinary experts troubled by high incidence of preventable disease

AHS Announces Findings of 2010 Heartworm Incidence Survey

Persistence of Heartworms Calls for Veterinary Vigilance About Protection

No Safe Haven From Heartworm

Survey finds heartworm nationwide

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