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The American Heartworm Society is the leading resource on heartworm disease, and our mission is to lead the veterinary profession and the public in the understanding of this serious disease. Every year, hundreds of stories are written on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heartworm, as well as on the plight of affected pets. These stories are an important way of reaching both veterinary professionals and pet owners with information they need to know about heartworm disease.

The American Heartworm Society is led by a board of directors comprised of veterinarians and specialists in the fields of veterinary parasitology and internalmedicine. As leaders in the fight against heartworm disease, they are available as resources and authors of related stories.

Members of the media are encouraged to contact the American Heartworm Society for information, visuals and interviews about heartworm disease. Please contact Sue O’Brien at [email protected] or call 319-231-6129. All other inquiries, please email: [email protected]



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Feline Heartworm Detection Continues

(Appeared in Parasites & Vectors)

First epidemiological report of feline heartworm infection in the Barcelona metropolitan area (Spain)

The metropolitan area of Barcelona is the most densely populated metropolitan area on the Mediterranean coast. Several studies have reported the presence of canine heartworm disease in this region; however, there are no published epidemiological data regarding feline heartworm in this region and the prevalence in this species remains unknown. 

Is There a New Heartworm Vector in Town?

The Los Angeles Vector Control recently announced that a mosquito species from Australia has been found in southern California. The species is the Aedes notoscriptus, also known as the "Aussie Mozzie,” and it was previously undocumented in the U.S. This discovery is of interest to veterinarians and pet owners because of the mosquito’s ability to vector heartworm in the U.S., should it become prevalent.

Alabama, Louisiana Lead Nation in Heartworm Disease

(Appeared in Veterinary Practice News)

Monthly medication can stop heartworm disease from taking hold in dogs, the American Heartworm Society notes.

Blame mosquitoes first, but dog owners share responsibility for Alabama having the highest rate of heartworm disease in the nation in 2013, the American Heartworm Society reported Wednesday.


Heartworm Incidence: Map It Out

Every three years, the American Heartworm Society (AHS) gathers data on heartworm testing to understand the impact heartworm is having nationwide, as well as in specific regions. Testing data from thousands of veterinary practices and shelters is used to create a detailed map showing the average number of heartworm-positive cases per clinic.

The new map, which reflects data from the 2013 calendar year, shows that heartworm is widespread in many areas of the country. Download it today and check out the incidence of heartworm in your practice area. You can also compare the 2013 map to past maps from 2001-2010.

New Heartworm Life Cycle Diagrams Released

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words About Heartworm.

A clear understanding of the heartworm life cycle is vital in getting clients on board with year-round prevention, and pet owners who understand the rationale for your heartworm prevention and treatment recommendations are more likely to comply. Understanding, however, may require more than a verbal explanation of how heartworms are transmitted and develop.

Your Walls Will Talk — New Posters Promote Prevention During Heartworm Awareness Month

It's spring, and your schedule is booked with patients getting their annual exams, heartworm tests and heartworm prescription renewals.

And because April is also Heartworm Awareness Month, it's a prime opportunity to promote the importance of year-round protection for both dogs and cats. A new series of posters from the American Heartworm Society (AHS) uses compelling images and messages to remind pet owners that providing heartworm prevention is one of the most important—and most loving—things they can do for their pets.

Keep Your Treatment Protocol in Place; Adulticide Supplies are Available

Adulticide supplies are available for heartworm-positive dogs.

Reports about supplies of melarsomine have been in the news recently, which may be raising questions about whether supplies of the product are adequate. The news reports were triggered by a bulletin from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that announced their decision to approve a supply of product from Europe for use in the U.S. This was done to help ensure product availability until a supply of U.S.-made product is available.

Feline Heartworm Disease: Why You Should be Screening For It

(Appeared in Veterinary Economics)

You may be surprised to find the incidence of this often-fatal disease is higher than you think—even in your practice.

“You won’t find it if you’re not looking for it.” That’s what Dr. Robert Stannard, owner of Adobe Pet Hospital in Livermore, Calif., and secretary-treasurer for the American Heartworm Society, tells veterinarians when he’s asked about feline heartworm disease.

Leading off: Heartworm disease's long-term effects

(Appeared in Veterinary Medicine)

An overview of the highlights from the revised American Heartworm Society's canine and feline guidelines by Stephen Jones, DVM.

"As a veterinarian practicing in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I deal with heartworm-positive patients nearly every day. Consequently, I've taken a special interest in the long-term effects of heartworm disease. Over the past six years, I have studied necropsy results from dozens of canine and feline patients that either had an active heartworm infection at the time of death or had been treated for heartworm disease during their lifetime..."

April is Heartworm Awareness Month

(Appeared in Fidose of Reality)

Heartworms kill a great number of dogs. In fact, the American Heartworm Society reports that more than one million dogs currently have heartworm disease. They also report that heartworm is a serious canine and feline health concern that threatens animals in all 48 contiguous states and Hawaii, as well as throughout the temperate regions of the world. April is Heartworm Awareness Month.

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