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Triennial Heartworm Symposia

Since the establishment of the American Heartworm Society in 1974, a symposium has been held every three years for the purpose of presenting the latest research on heartworm disease, diagnosis, and prevention. Presenters at each symposium come from all over the world.

Proceedings are published and made available to all AHS members.


2016 Triennial Heartworm Symposium

pdfTo download the summary of the 15th Triennial Heartworm Symposium held in September 2016, click here.

Video Briefs from the 2016 Symposium:

2013 Triennial Heartworm Symposium

To download the summary of the 14th Triennial Symposium held in September 2013, click here.

Video Briefs from the 2013 Symposium:

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