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Incidence of Roundworm and Heartworm in Cats

Options for Heartworm Testing

Diagnostic Techniques for Cats

Dr.Clarke Atkins: What can veterinarians do to minimize the development of heartworms that are resistant to preventives

Dr.Clarke Atkins: What is known and not known about heartworm resistance today?

How do Heartworm Preventives Work in Dogs?

Dr. Byron Blagburn: What Veterinarians Should Know About Heartworm Resistance

Dr. Clarke Atkins: Heartworm Resistance

Differential Diagnosis of Heartworm in Cats

There's No Season for Heartworm

The Test Your Pet Should Take

The Seven Deadly Truths of Heartworm Disease in Cats

Is Your Pet Protected?

There Goes the Neighborhood: The Potential Impact of 1 Heartworm Positive Dog (Matthew W. Miller)

When, Why, and What Does a Positive Test Mean? (Susan E. Little)

Diagnosing Heartworm Disease/Infection in Cats (Matthew W. Miller) Player

Dog in a Box But Not Bored (Debra F. Horwitz)

Why Prevent Heartworm in Non-Endemic Areas (Matthew W. Miller)

There Goes the Neighborhood: The Potential Impact of 1 HW+ Dog (Matthew W. Miller)

Treating Heartworm Disease: Why Use the AHS Protocol (Tom Nelson)

The Staff's Role in Feline Heartworm Prevention (Kristen Lyon)

Minimizing Complications of Melarsomine (Stephen L. Jones)

Thoracic Radiography and Feline Heartworm Disease (Clifford R. Berry)

Echocardiography: Is it Needed in Heartworm-Positive Animals? (Matthew W. Miller)

Why Not Slow Kill? Patient-Focused Reasons (Clarke Atkins)

The Staff's Role: Improving Heartworm Prevention in dogs (Kristen Lyon)

Thoracic Radiography and Canine Heartworm Disease (Clifford H. Berry)

Heartworm Testing: The WHY and HOW of Heat-Treating Samples (Susan E. Little)

Dilemma of the Missed Dose (Clarke Atkins)

Why Do We Remind to Test and NOT Prevent? (Tom Nelson)

Doxycycline: The Role in Heartworm Treatment, Prevention, and Transmission (Matthew W. Miller)

Heartworm in Nontraditional Species (Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!) (Bianca Zaffarano)

Repellency: Does it Really Prevent Heartworm Transmission? (John W. McCall)

Do Cats Get Heartworm?

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