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Prevention Calendar 2016-17

18 months of heartworm messages—download NOW!

With most heartworm preventives given on a monthly basis, nothing makes a better reminder than a calendar dedicated to heartworm protection. An updated 18-month calendar combining prevention messages with fun companion animal photos is now available from the American Heartworm Society. Download it for free, print it and hang it in your clinic. It also makes a great gift for clients.

Notes on printing: this file has been adapted to fit on 11 x 17 paper stock. If your in-house printer can accommodate tabloid-size paper, simply download the PDF file and print it out. You can also download the file and take it or send it to a local business (such as FedEx Kinko’s or other printer with a digital press) to output for you. No need to print front and back; no need to bind the pages unless you wish to. Print enough copies to post in each exam room and waiting area!

pdfDownload 2016-2017 Calendar

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