We need your clinic’s feedback!

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) conducts a Heartworm Incidence Survey of thousands of veterinary practices across the country every three years. The data from this survey helps define the risk of heartworm, both nationally and regionally, and enables us to create a detailed heartworm incidence map to inform the veterinary profession as well as the public. The more participants we have in the 2016 survey, the better the information we can provide.

In order to accurately report on your specific area, we need your participation in the 2016 AHS survey.

The survey is brief—it only takes a few minutes to respond.

Thank you very much for your valuable input and data. We look forward to your response.


Dr. Doug Carithers

AHS Symposium Co-Chair and AHS Survey Chair

2016 Heartworm Incidence Survey

Please answer the following questions pertaining to the 2016 calendar year.

Between the dates of JAN. 1, 2016, and DEC. 31, 2016:

The following five questions will help us understand the data you provide, while helping AHS provide you the information and services you need.